RISC Training for Journalists

RISC trains and equips freelance journalists in all media to treat life-threatening injuries on the battlefield. Freelancers comprise the vast majority of those who cover wars, and consequently make up the vast majority of deaths and injuries. Surviving a gunshot or shrapnel wound is often a matter of doing the right thing in the first few minutes, and our training focuses on that brief, critical period of time. It is our hope to make first aid training the industry norm – like having a flak jacket or sat phone – and to prevent unnecessary deaths in a job that is so vital to human dignity and human rights.

RISC – Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues
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OPENPhoto 2012

The Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa (OSISA) is launching an African photographic competition around the OpenForum called OPENPhoto that will be hosted by the four Open Society Africa Foundations in Cape Town from May 22-May 24, 2012

The OPENPhoto award will recognize photographers based in Africa whose work highlights how inequality plays itself out within the parameters of MONEY, POWER and SEX.

The OPENPhoto Award aims to encourage analytical and critical thinking about society in Africa through the prism of inequality. We are looking for strong, interpretive documentary work that has a voice.

The winner and three runners-up, selected by an international jury, will be exhibited at the conference, as well as online. The photos will also be used in a special Openspace journal/book on inequality.

Winners will be announced on April 25, 2012.

Searching for Robert Johnson

“In the seven decades since his mysterious death, bluesman Robert Johnson’s legend has grown—the tragically short life, the “crossroads” tale of supernatural talent, the genuine gift that inspired Dylan, Clapton, and other greats—but his image remains elusive: only two photos of Johnson have ever been seen by the public. In 2005, on eBay, guitar maven Zeke Schein thought he’d found a third. Schein’s quest to authenticate the picture only led to more questions, both about Johnson himself and about who controls his valuable legacy”.

A Disputed Robert Johnson Photo Gets the C.S.I. Treatment
Robert Johnson Blues Foundation

LOST BROTHERS – Mythic Films

LOST BROTHERS is a documentary about legendary photo journalist Tim Page and his relentless pursuit to find out what happened to his fellow journalists in Cambodia in the early 1970s.

“Imagine if your brother, son, husband went out to cover a war –  to tell the truth of what was happening to innocent bystanders who cannot affect any change to the situation they are in – and while covering that war they disappeared. Never to be heard of again. Nothing for 41 years.

This is what happened in Cambodia in the early 70’s. Five years of war, four years of Pol Pot, ten years of Vietnamese occupation and then a landscape littered in land mines and UXO’s, meant that the missing media have disappeared from our thoughts – but not from the thoughts of their families and loved ones.

Tim Page has returned 50 times to Indochina trying to learn their fate.  He has done this on his own dime and his own time. Now he needs help to get back.  This is not a search for remains but a search to find the last living memories of the people that saw them, helped them and that possibly know their fate”.

Tim Page is a close personal friend. I know how much time he has spent on this — how important it is to him. Tim’s quest deserves to reach a conclusion, and in honor of that this film needs to be made.

Mythic Films
Tim Page

As Film Fades, Photographer Makes A Huge (Huge) Statement

Photographer Dennis Manarchy has taken the idea of large-format and … enlarged it. To make his portraits, Manarchy goes inside a 35-foot-long camera. He uses a 6-foot-tall negative. And to process the film, he says, “you gotta get really nasty.” – Claire O’Neil, The Picture Show

©Dennis Manarchy

©Dennis Manarchy

Dennis Manarchy

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TIME Lightbox: A Brief, Photographic History of Republished Books

Life is Good & Good for You in New York, 1956. © Photography Magazine / William Klein

“While not all photobooks considered great or groundbreaking will see a reprint, one can hope that enough will exist to maintain a full sense of photobook history” – Jeffrey Ladd, photographer, writer, editor and founder of Errata Editions

TIME Lightbox

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