The Nikon D800

I am unashamedly a Nikon Ambassador. I would not have agreed to become one if I did not have complete faith in the brand. I love the fact that Nikon asks us what we want, then listen to what we have to say. First the D4, and now the newly announced D800, (the specs of which are mind blowing). Click on the image to learn more.

Tokyo Vérité and Nikon

I have just returned from Japan, after a great experience Judging the Nikon Photo Contest International in Tokyo. Nikon’s hospitality was second to none, and working alongside my fellow Judges was both an honour, and a valuable lesson in picture editing. These are a highly talented group of people (and great company). Once my Judging duties were over, I hit the streets of Tokyo to try out the impressive Nikon D7000.


Nikon Photo Contest International 2010 – 2011

I have been invited to Judge the Nikon International Photo Contest in Tokyo in February. I am really looking forward to it, as I have not been to Japan since shooting a two week assignment for Le Monde during the World Cup in 2002. This was officially the first time I was required to use a digital camera in order to meet the paper’s deadlines. A Nikon D1x had been shipped from Paris to Tokyo and was waiting for me when I arrived. Learning how to use that new technology on the job was both an eye-opener, and a glimpse into the future. My very first camera was an FM. My second an F2 (with motor-drive attached it looked like a block of flats). I have always relied on Nikon, adding a Leica for those times when getting the shot required discretion. Now if I can only convince Nikon to put their impressive D3s technology inside a silent rangefinder style body with a 35mm f2 lens. What an addition that would make to an already influential lineup.

Nikon S2