Fremantle Workshop with David Dare Parker and Martine Perret

Photographers David Dare Parker and Martine Perret will be running a two day photography workshop in Fremantle, Western Australia, on December 15th and 16th 2012.

Maubisse market, East Timor ©Martine Perret

Across two days, David Dare Parker and Martine Perret will mentor you through the craft of visual storytelling. You will learn about:

* Tools of the trade: still photographs, video and audio

* The craft of storytelling through photographic images

* Finding and researching a subject and theme

* Shooting to tell the story

* Editing your photo essay

* The use of multimedia in storytelling: Platforms and trends

* Developing your personal vision or style

* Ethics and responsibilities in documentary photography

For more information click here: ‘The Visual Narrative: Telling a Story Through Pictures’

To reserve a place or ask a question contact us here: Email