Tokyo Vérité and Nikon

I have just returned from Japan, after a great experience Judging the Nikon Photo Contest International in Tokyo. Nikon’s hospitality was second to none, and working alongside my fellow Judges was both an honour, and a valuable lesson in picture editing. These are a highly talented group of people (and great company). Once my Judging duties were over, I hit the streets of Tokyo to try out the impressive Nikon D7000.


Street Photographers

Some years back I rang my friend, Trent Parke, on his mobile phone, only to hear back, “yep, hang on mate……won’t be a sec” – pause – the distinctive click of a Leica shutter — and then he was ready for a chat. It really does take a special breed of photographer to tackle the street — it requires courage, curiosity, a sense of humour, a hunter’s eye and patience:

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