Sydney Police Mugshots and Razor

I will be shooting production stills for the upcoming TV series, Underbelly Razor. Hit the links below to see some striking images of Sydney’s early underworld figures, and gain an insight into what the series will be about.

Mug shot of De Gracy and Edward Dalton. Central Police Station, Sydney, around 1920.

Matilda Devine, 27 May 1925. State Reformatory for Women, Long Bay, NSW.

Nellie Cameron, 29 July 1930. State Reformatory for Women, Long Bay, NSW.

Kate Leigh, Special Photograph number D94, 2 July 1930, Central Police Station, Sydney

City of Shadows: Sydney Police Photographs 1912-1948 – Peter Doyle (Amazon)
Historic Houses Trust – Photographs
National Library of Australia – Mugshots

Tokyo Vérité and Nikon

I have just returned from Japan, after a great experience Judging the Nikon Photo Contest International in Tokyo. Nikon’s hospitality was second to none, and working alongside my fellow Judges was both an honour, and a valuable lesson in picture editing. These are a highly talented group of people (and great company). Once my Judging duties were over, I hit the streets of Tokyo to try out the impressive Nikon D7000.


Street Photographers

Some years back I rang my friend, Trent Parke, on his mobile phone, only to hear back, “yep, hang on mate……won’t be a sec” – pause – the distinctive click of a Leica shutter — and then he was ready for a chat. It really does take a special breed of photographer to tackle the street — it requires courage, curiosity, a sense of humour, a hunter’s eye and patience:

Robert Frank discusses his book, “The Americans,” with Philip Gefter
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