Australian Photography Awards 2018


Judges Comments:

We felt that David’s photograph captured desolation, uncertainty, and yet a sense of optimism as the Rohingya refugees risk their lives, perched so precariously close to the water with only the slimmest barrier between life and death. Exodus is a photograph that you can sit with as a viewer for some time, noticing new expressions and details, all of which adding weight and story to the photo.

Technically the photograph is presented simply, it would be easy to overlook the expertise with which it was shot. The exposure is perfect, especially with the challenges of working with dark skin and ensuring there are details in the shadow areas. With the complexity of faces in the center, the foreground and background are left deliberately subtle, just enough to contribute to the story. This prevents competing elements and allows the viewer to focus on learning more about the refugees. David also gets fairly close to the waterline so that he can photograph the refugees on their level, making the scene more engaging.

Everyone involved in the Australian Photography Awards is thrilled to have David Dare Parker’s ‘Exodus’ represent the Documentary category as its winner in 2018.